The Artist Jam

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The Krypton Comics Artist Jam began in September 2005 as a way for local comic book artists Max Riffner & Fredd Gorham to spend time at their favorite comics shop and draw. Originally, the idea was that these two artists would escape the boredom of their homes and spend a Saturday surrounded by what they love best while working on their various art projects. The owner of the store, Dean Phillips, had a similar idea: he had always envisioned having creative events in the shop as a way to promote comics culture to everyone. He had hoped to have an area in his shop where there would be art desks set up so that anyone who wanted to could come and site down, and make comics. He also wanted to have an art supply section in order to allow artists to purchase what they needed there at the shop for a good price. Eventually these three individuals got together, brainstormed and came up with the Krypton Comics Artist Jam.

For the first couple of months, it was just Fredd & Max hanging out, doodling and heckling the employees of the shop. Soon they were followed by their friend Bruce McCorkindale, who fancied getting out of the apartment once in a while. Soon after that, though, the word had gotten around about the event and artists from all over the local area started joining in on the fun. Now the Artist Jam is a regular event at Krypton Comics, and the rest is history.


  • The Artist Jam occurs on the third Saturday of every month, starting around noon and ending at 6pm. To join, simply come to the Jam, introduce yourself and find a seat. If there are no seats readily available, don’t fret! We have more chairs and tables that we can pull out!

  • The Jam is open to everyone regardless of skill or age.

  • You don’t have to be working on a comic book project to join in. Feel free to just come and doodle, paint, sculpt… whatever it is your preferred media.

  • Family members, friends, onlookers and other interested folks are more than welcome to hang out and watch. Grab a seat, we don’t mind.

  • Average attendance for the Artist Jam is between 35-60 artists whose ages range from 5 to 50+.

  • The Artist Jams are free social events. It is not a structured “how-to-draw comics” class or registered club. The idea behind the jams are to meet other artists, talk, share and enjoy.

  • Writers often times will come and work on their projects as well. Feel free to bring in your laptop.

  • Sometimes artists pitch in money to order pizza while at the event. Sometimes we bring in food to share. It all depends on the folks involved and what’s going on at the time.


  • Respect other artists at all times. Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave.

  • Respect the store’s policies and requests. Krypton Comics gives us space to do this event at no cost to the artists, so please respect customers who are shopping and our space.

  • Keep everything PG-13. Do NOT bring in or work on artwork with possibly offensive subject matter.

  • This is NOT a competition. We are not here to judge people’s skills or browbeat. We are here to share.

  • This is NOT a resource for free artwork. Most folks at the Artist Jams have either paying projects they are working on or are doing this for fun, so please do not ask for artwork unless you’re planning on paying them for their time or compensating them accordingly.

  • You CAN promote your upcoming events at the Artist Jam.

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